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“Truth is a fundamental principle that is needed for any form of building or construction. So also is honesty.”

-Sunday Adelaja



Mark Thompson started doing preservation work in 1994 while working for his wife’s brother, William Johnson, in 1994. He cut his preservation teeth restoring an 1850s mansion on Oyster Bay Cove, Long Island. While helping to restore the grounds, formal gardens, guest cottages, and mansion on the 10 acre Long Island estate, Mark discovered his passion for restorative work.

The move back to Athens
Mark moved back to Athens and formed Thompson Construction, a company specializing in restoration, rehabilitation, and historically sensitive new construction. His main focus has been historic preservation of structures in Athens’ historic districts, but he has expanded his portfolio to include new houses built on infill lots that mesh with the character and style of the historic neighborhood where they are built.

Mark views each preservation project as a unique set of challenges that require a builder to be a constant student, looking for new techniques, solutions, and materials for each situation

Our Challenge
Mark is looking forward to growing his company and taking on more complicated projects that really test his organizational and technical skills. Preservation work is rewarding because it allows him to take and structure in an extreme state of disrepair and make it useful again by restoring its original magnificence and adding modern amenities that make the building relevant to a new generation of users.

Mark Thompson // Founder

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  • "The quality of his subcontractors was superior."

    LYNN C. HARDEN ( Interior Designer and 5 Points Resident )
    My husband and I relocated, after many years in Chicago, to his hometown of Athens in 2015. Having bought a home in 2009 with the intention of renovating it for our permanent residence, we were ready to get started immediately. Having been in the interior design business for 25+ years, I had a vision for our space and began interviewing contractors. Mark Thompson stood out from the rest immediately, and his cost plus business model appealed to our desire for transparency. Throughout the entire process, he was patient, calm and present. He never promised anything that he did not provide, and the quality of his subcontractors was superior. We began the renovation in January of 2016 and our family moved into the finished product in July of 2016. It was as seamless a project as you could ever hope for. I highly recommend Mark for any renovation you may have, large or small.
  • "Skilled, honest, and reliable."

    PATRICK O’BRIEN ( Full Circle Real Estate Group )
    Over the better part of 15 years I have worked with Mark and Thompson Construction on a multitude of projects varying in scope and scale. He and his crew have professionally completed everything from the renovation of a 100 year old historic house to the planning and construction of historically appropriate infill housing from the ground up. I have also referred Mark to a number of friends and clients in need of a skilled, honest, and reliable contractor and have yet to hear a complaint. It has been a pleasure to work with him and I would highly recommend him to anyone in search of quality work at a fair price.
  • "Every detail is meticulously executed."

    MELISSA WILLIAMSON, MCNE ( Chastain, Jenkins & Leathers, LLC )
    I cannot give enough praise for the work Mark Thompson has done for me over the last 10 years.  He is a pleasure to work with…. courteous, respectful, honest, punctual, and fastidious  He takes time to understand exactly what a client wants, and aims to fulfill their expectations.  Our most recent job together, they completely gutted and redid a master bathroom and master closet.  The end result is phenomenal. Every detail is meticulously executed. He is truly a perfectionist. On the rare occasion that something is not just right, I don’t even need to point out any inconsistencies or issues; he will always spot them first and be sure things are redone until they meet his highest expectations. Mark stands behind his work and makes sure it is all top quality and that his customer is completely satisfied.   As a realtor, I often have clients asking for recommendations to have projects done at their new homes.  I do not hesitate to highly recommend Mark Thompson and his crew. Mark always aims for excellence.   
  • "Mark is a very valuable asset to our community"

    For more than twenty years. Mr. Thompson has remained a very valuable asset to our community and specifically as a builder with the skill capacity and vision to improve our town one home at a time. I have been investing in historic homes in Athens since the early 90's and Mark has assisted me more times that I can count along the way. Without fail, Mark has always portrayed the most heeded characteristics of a dependable craftsman: Trustworthiness, high standards of quality workmanship, attention to detail, maintaining timelines and budgets in addition to working well with the necessary boards, offices and committees that warrant collaboration when working with historic homes. Allow me to point out that working on historic homes in our community is a very involved process in comparison to new construction outside of this area. Mark's dedication and ability to complete a job resourcing the relationships he's forged over many years is unique. I look forward with Mark in the years ahead an am proud to call him a friend. Please feel free to reach out to me directly for details about any particular job or scenario more specifically.